renewable energy – on the road to a sustainable society

I’ve been speaking a lot about the problems with carbon trading… but if it’s not the right answer then what is??

Dr Julien Vincent of Greenpeace proposes an alternative solution that focuses on using our natural energy resources. Investment in renewable energy technology offers high economic returns and sustainable outcomes. Vincent maintaining that, “if any country can replace polluting coal-fired electricity with 100% renewable power, Australia can. Countries like Germany, Spain, the US and China, who are leading the way on renewable energy, would love to have the immense renewable energy resources Australia has. This country needs to stop fiddling around the edges and put a plan in place to transform Australia to a renewable energy-powered society”.

And Daniel Sarewitz, Professor of Science and Society at Arizona State University, claims that these policies need not come at a cost. “Policies should not be viewed as impending doom that requires deep sacrifice to ensure survival, but as an opportunity to continually improve society.” Daniel has a vision for a system that results in national wealth generation through innovations in energy and technology. Such a system matches the industrial costs of reducing emissions with the short term gains received from technology marketing, ultimately providing incentive for adaptation.

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