science of the IPCC under the microscope

I thought I’d keep going with a few posts about climate changes impacts but then a report was released and handed to the UN this week following a review of the international body’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The UN’s climate panel has been under enormous scrutiny in recent times. In 2007, it asserted that climate change was already hurting the planet, helping to increase pressure for global action to limit carbon emissions.

In the run-up to last year’s highly anticipated climate summit in Copenhagen, the IPCC was rocked by a scandal involving leaked emails which critics say showed panel members had skewed data.

In response the UN ordered a review and now 5 months later, the InterAcademy Council has produced their final report. The report recommends changes to the way IPCC is run and the way science is presented.

Changes recommended include external checks on the conflicts of interest of board members and stricter guidelines on sources material (as one of the panel’s most embarrassing errors came when it claimed that the Himalayan glaciers could be lost by 2035, an assessment later traced to magazine article).

Current IPCC chairman Dr Rajendra Pachauri hopes that adapting these changes will restore public confidence in the climate change panel. He also reinforces that “the science of climate change is robust, it is reliable and I think this is something that has been clearly established by the reviews”.

IPCC in the news:

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