management and change

Another factor which ensures the continuation of the climate controvery is that management solutions require extensive change on our part – change to our social routines and norms (Gross 2008 pp44). Individuals are not likely to welcome or tolerate policies that may lead to significant alterations to the current way of life (Lowe et al 2006 p439). As such we remain with no convinced action, a ‘wait and see’ approach.

And there is no quick fix… Seacrest et al (2000) claims that climate change would be more likely to become a major national issue if it can be blamed on a sinner, if we thing it is solvable, and if, despite their difference, attentive public agree that the impacts will be serious, certain, and soon (Seacrest et al 2000 pp253). As it is, mixed messages, academic controversy and political scheming (Lowe et al 2006) place policy at a stand-still, preventing the motivation necessary to inspire real change to standard social routines.

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