green energy and the IPA

Nearly all the major papers ran stories on green energy and the bill hikes last week. The general conclusion of these articles was that green energy is not the reason for large increases in electricity bills seen across Australia. All of these articles did however quote one source as stating that ‘prices were pushed up by renewable energy initiatives’ so I thought I’d have a little look into the source of this information.

This claim came from none other than Julie Novak of the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA). Julie claims that ‘renewable energy initiatives are hurting families because they push up the price of electricity’. This view is in direct contrast to the original information published about price hikes which explained that the ‘increases will allow energy providers to increase investment in infrastructure and improve network security and reliability of supply’ – nothing even remotely related to green energy!

So it turns out that the Institute of Public Affairs, Julie Novak’s employer, is a Liberal associated think tank funded by Exxon-Mobil, BHP Billiton, Caltex, Shell and Esso. Other backers include electricity and mining companies.

The Institute of Public Affairs is a known advocate of global warming scepticism, and has even funded University of Queensland research projects in conjunction with key anti-climate change scientists…. So it is really is no wonder that they have produced media releases trying to dirty the name of renewable energy.

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